To Whom It May Concern:

The State of Wisconsin Employee Trust Funds Board (Board) is requesting proposals for administration of the Wisconsin Employee Reimbursement Accounts (ERA) program and the Commuter Benefits Program for State of Wisconsin employees.

The Employee Reimbursement Accounts (ERA) program is a flexible spending account (FSA) plan authorized by Internal Revenue Code Section 125. The ERA program began in 1990 and has approximately 12,000 participants. The Commuter Benefits program is a qualified transportation fringe benefit plan authorized by Internal Revenue Code Section 132. It began in 2002 and has approximately 1,500 participants. The ERA and Commuter Benefits programs are administered through the Department of Employee Trust Funds and are governed by Chapter 40 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The Administrator must adhere to the requirements of the State Statutes.

The proposed initial contract period is intended to be three to five years beginning January 1, 2006. The Board retains the option of renewing the contract on a year-to-year basis. Each proposing company must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Board, that it is capable of assuming responsibility for the ERA and Commuter Benefits programs.

The deadline for submitting a proposal in response to this request is 3:00 p.m., March 15, 2005. Download and print "ERA/Commuter Benefits RFP" for a complete copy of the RFP. Copies of individual sections, attachments and exhibits are also linked here for your convenience. Contact Marcia Blumer via email at with any questions regarding this RFP.

03/09/05 Vendor questions and answers #2 posted.
 ERA/Commuter Benefits Vendor Questions and Answers #2
02/25/05 Vendor questions and answers posted.
 A Vendor Conference will NOT be held.
 ERA/Commuter Benefits Vendor Questions and Answers

ERA/Commuter Benefits RFP
 Section 1.0 - General Information
 Section 2.0 - Preparing and Submitting a Proposal
 Section 3.0 - Proposal Selection and Award Process
 Section 4.0 - Proposal Questionnaire
 Section 5.0 - Contract Terms and Conditions
 Section 6.0 - Cost Proposal
 Attachment 1 - Bidder's Checklist
 Attachment 2 - Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information (DOA-3027)
 Attachment 3 - Vendor Information Sheet (DOA-3477)
 Attachment 4 - Vendor Reference Sheets (DOA-3478)
 Attachment 5 - Standard Terms and Conditions (DOA-3054) and Supplemental Standard Terms and Conditions (DOA-3681)
 Attachment 6 - Agreement to Keep Information Confidential (ET-8932)
 Attachment 7 - Lobbying Form
 Exhibit A - Employee Reimbursement Account Program Information
 Exhibit B - Commuter Benefits Program Information
 Exhibit C - ERA Survey
 Exhibit D - ERA/Commuter Benefits Contract
 Exhibit E - Evaluation Criteria
 Exhibit F - Data Exchange Information
 Exhibit G - 2005 ERA Benefits Booklet
 Exhibit H - Commuter Benefits Reference Guide