Department of Employee Trust Funds
Federal Tax Counsel for the Wisconsin Retirement System and Related Programs

To: Whom It May Concern:

ETF is requesting proposals for federal tax counsel services for the Wisconsin Retirement System and related programs. The Department intends to use the results of this RFP process to award a contract for the period 7/1/15 through 6/30/16. An option to extend the contract for five additional one-year periods may be included subject to the satisfactory negotiation of terms, including prices.

This procurement is authorized under Chapter 40 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.  All decisions and actions under this request for proposal are solely under the authority of the Employee Trust Funds Board. Procurement statutes and rules that govern other State agencies may not be applicable.

All modifications and other information associated with this RFP will be posted at Interested vendors are encouraged to check for updates frequently. No other notification regarding modifications will be provided.

The Department of Employee Trust Funds is a Wisconsin State agency that administers retirement, health, life, income continuation, long-term disability, and long‑term care insurance programs for over 580,000 state and local government employees and annuitants.

The WRS is a defined-benefit multi-employer qualified retirement system under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Employees of the State of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin System, local government employers, technical colleges and school districts are included in this system, which covers over 1,500 employers and over 580,000 active, inactive and retired members.

ETF will select qualified counsel to provide ETF with legal services on specific issues as well as on an as-needed basis in a variety of civil matters requiring expertise in federal tax law, primarily regarding ongoing qualification of defined benefit public employee retirement plans under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

State law requires the Board and ETF to ensure that the WRS complies with and is administered in a manner consistent with the IRC. Wis. Stats. §§ 40.015, 40.03 (1)(am) and (2)(t). The Board is authorized by law to employ or select any legal contractors as are required for the administration of the Trust Fund. Wis. Stats. § 40.03 (1)(c).

All the benefit plans that ETF administers are affected by the IRC. The WRS is a tax-qualified plan. During the past five years of work with outside tax counsel, ETF has received two favorable determination letters from the IRS, and worked on numerous complex ad-hoc tax-related projects.

The scope of this contract will include:


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Federal Tax Counsel to the Wisconsin Retirement System

Vendor Questions & Letter of Intent to Respond Deadline: January 30, 2015

The deadline for receipt of proposals for this RFP is February 16, 2015 2:00 PM, CST. Late submissions will not be considered. Questions may be submitted as indicated in the RFP via email to

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