The purpose of Request for Proposal (RFP) ETI0049 is to provide interested and qualified vendors with information to enable them to prepare and submit competitive proposals to provide information technology audits and consulting services to the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds.

The Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (Department) administers the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), the group health insurance program for state employees and many local governments, and a variety of other public employee benefit programs. The WRS is the 8th largest pension system in the nation, providing retirement benefits for more than 630,000 current and former state and local government employees on behalf of approximately 1,500 employers. 

The Department intends to use the results of the RFP solicitation to award one or more contract(s) for information technology audits and consulting services. The RFP documents and the awarded proposal(s) will be incorporated into the contract(s). The contract(s) will be administered and managed by the Department, with oversight by the State of Wisconsin Employee Trust Funds Board (Board). The contract term shall commence on the date the contract is fully executed by both parties and will extend through June 30, 2021 covering FY20 and FY21 (initial term). The Department retains the option, by mutual agreement of the Department and the Contractor, to renew the contract for an additional three (3) one-year periods through June 30, 2024 covering FY22, FY23 and FY24 (renewal terms).

The RFP documents are linked below and available online at . The RFP details the procedures proposers must follow to submit a proposal and the minimum requirements that proposers must meet to be eligible for consideration.

The deadline for receipt of questions regarding this solicitation is July 16, 2019. A letter of intent to submit a proposal is requested by the same date. Questions may be submitted as indicated in the RFP via email to .

The deadline for receipt of proposals for this solicitation is July 29, 2019 by 2:00 p.m. CST. Late submissions will not be considered.

This solicitation is authorized under Chapter 40 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. All decisions and actions regarding this solicitation have been delegated by the Board to the Department. Procurement statutes and rules that govern other State of Wisconsin agencies may not be applicable.

Any news releases or release of broadcast e-mails pertaining to this solicitation, any resulting contracts, or the acceptance, rejection, or evaluation, or review of vendor proposals shall not be made without the prior written approval of the Department.

NOTE: All modifications and other information associated with the RFP will be posted on ETF’s extranet at . Interested vendors are encouraged to check this site for updates frequently. No other notification regarding modifications will be provided.


RFP Title


  • ETI0049 – Information Technology Audits and Consulting


Revision History



5/13/2022 ETI0049 Contract Amendment #3
6/25/2021 ETI0049 Contract Amendment #2
5/20/2019 ETI0049 Contract Amendment #1
9/9/2019 ETI0049 Contract
8/23/2019 ETI0049 Notice of Intent to Award and Bid Abstract released


ETI0049 RFP Addendum Number 2 Released


ETI0049 RFP Addendum Number 1 Released


ETI0049 RFP Issued

Request for Proposal Documents

RFP ETI0049 Contract Amendment #3
RFP ETI0049 Contract Amendment #2
RFP ETI0049 Contract Amendment #1
RFP ETI0049 Contract
RFP ETI0049 Notice of Intent to Award and Bid Abstract – 08-23-2019
RFP ETI0049 Addendum No. 2 – 07-18-2019
RFP ETI0049 Addendum No. 1 – 07-11-2019
RFP ETI0049 (including Appendix 1-4)
RFP (Word version)
Appendix 1 – General Questionnaire (Word version)
Appendix 2 – Technical Questionnaire (Word version)
Appendix 3 – Department Terms and Conditions (Word version)
FORM A – Proposal Checklist
FORM B – Mandatory Proposer Qualifications
FORM C – Subcontractor Information
FORM D – Request for Proposal Signature Page
FORM E – Vendor Information
FORM F – Vendor References
FORM G – Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information
FORM H – Cost Proposal Workbook

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Employee Trust Funds Website

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Chapter ETF 11 Appeals

Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 40

ETF Draft Audit Plan for FY20 / FY21