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On-line Network for Employers (ONE)

Welcome to the Department of Employee Trust Funds On-line Network for Employers (ONE).
This is a way to retrieve historical data, keep employee information current and report monthly retirement contributions and payment.
ONE is an interactive Internet application that is easy and convenient to use.

The myETF Employer Payroll File Resource is now available. All employers should begin reviewing the documentís contents and planning for the launch of myETF.
Sign up now for a myETF Payroll File Resource webinar on the myETF Employer Training web page.


Call the Employer Communication Center (877)533-5020 or (608)266-3285 (locally). Please have your employer number available.

 Account Maintenance

 WRS Employers - Reset Password
 *It is no longer necessary to contact ETF to reset your password.

 Email Contact Information Update
 Description: Provides employers a secure view of current employer contact information and the ability to update information to ensure proper administration of ETF benefit programs.

 Security Agreement, ET-8928, ETFSMBEmployerSecurityAccess@etf.wi.gov


Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry
Description: Allows employers to view historical information regarding their employees' WRS participation on-line. Assists in determining Insurance program eligibility, WRS Eligibility Status and calculating supplemental sick leave credits (state agencies only).
WRS Account Update
Description: Provides employer with the ability to securely transmit account updates to ETF. The application includes WRS enrollments, descriptive data changes, and employee transactions.

WRS Contribution Remittance Entry
Description: Allows employers to transmit WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Reports (ET-1515) to ETF and make payment through the banking ACH process.

WRS Transaction Upload
Description: Allows employers to upload and submit WRS reports to ETF.

WRS Earnings Reports (On-going)
Description: Allows employers to view the WRS Transactions for open years. The application consists of eight reports including: Employee Transaction Detail, Remittance Reports By Month, Suspended Employee Transactions, Active Employee Listing Selection (Pre-List), Listing of Over/Under Entries, Listing Of Active Employees With No Reported Earnings, Earning/Contribution Reconciliation, Late Reported Earnings.



WRS Earnings Reconciliation Reports (Final)
Description: Allows employers to view the WRS Annual Reconciliation Reports. The application consists of nine reports including: Employee Transaction Detail, Suspended Employee Transactions, Employer Contribution Summary, Remittance Reports By Month, Listing of Over/Under Entries, Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability Statement, Earning/Contribution Reconciliation, Contract Settlement, Late Reported Earnings.


myETF Benefits
The myETF Benefits Administrator Application for Employers allows employers to execute benefits transactions. These include, but are not limited to, viewing and updating individual member health insurance eligibility and demographic data, completing mass employee terminations, adding and deleting a dependent or domestic partner and updating health insurance enrollment data and personal contact information.

 Other Resources

For information on how to complete a transaction on the ONE Site, visit the relevant chapter in the WRS Manual. 
 (entire manual) (by chapter)

 WRS Transaction Upload Instructions

 WRS Rates Display

 Local Employer Projected Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (UAAL) Calculator

 Contribution Rates for 2016 and 2017

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 ETF Internet

 GASB 68 Financial Disclosure

GASB 75 Local Employers Financial Disclosure

GASB 75 State Employers Financial Disclosure

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