Instructions to Transmit Annual Reports Using On-Line Network for Employers’ (ONE) Transaction Upload Application

  1. Once you have accessed ONE site, select Transaction Upload. Enter your 7-digit Employer Identification Number (EIN), [e.g., 1234000] and click the Submit button. The system displays a screen listing your employer name, identification number, a report history of previous upload attempts (lists a maximum of the last five attempts), a Browse button and an Upload button.
  2. Click the Browse button and select the annual report file you wish to upload. Be sure the file complies with the format specifications described in Appendix A of the WRS Administration Manual (
  3. After you select the file, the address should appear in the field to the left of the browse button. Click the Upload button and the system will run a pre-validation edit program to check the file for errors. If there are no errors, proceed to step 7 (skip steps 4 through 6).

  4. In the event there are errors, a message on the screen displays "Validation Failed" along with a list of the errors including the following information:
  5. DO NOT END THE TRANSACTION UPLOAD APPLICATION if you receive an error message. Correct the file, save it to your directory, and attempt to upload again.

  6. Click the Continue button to return to the Upload screen. You will notice that an entry is added to the report history with a status of "Validation Failed."

  7. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until all errors are cleared.

  8. Once the file is error-free, the system uploads the file. An entry is added to the report history with a status of "Uploading." You will not receive additional data format error messages once you reach the status of "Uploading." However, errors may be identified once the annual report updates to ETF’s WRS system. ETF staff may contact you for error resolution at that time.

  9. Once the file has uploaded, a message will appear on the screen stating "Upload Successful" along with the total number of rows transmitted. The screen will also display the Transmission Totals from the uploaded file. Review these totals for correctness, then click the Print button to print the Transmission Totals page for your records.

  10. Note: You will not be able to submit the file until you click the Print button.

  11. Click on the Submit button when ready to submit the file or the Cancel button to cancel the process and return to the Upload screen where another upload attempt may be made. If "Cancel" is selected, the system updates the record history with a status of "Cancelled by User."

  12. Note: If for any reason the upload is interrupted, the system updates the status of the record history to "Upload Failed."

  13. Once the file is submitted, record history is updated with a status of "Processing". Click the Refresh button to view the updated status or log back on at a later time. Processing usually takes a few minutes to complete, but may take up to 24 hours, depending on heavy volume of reports being submitted. If any previous upload attempts have a current status of "Uploading," "Processing," or "Validated, Under User Review" you will not be allowed to attempt a new upload and a message will appear on the screen stating this.

  14. The status message "Processing Complete" will appear when the file is successfully processed and transmitted to ETF and you will no longer be able to load an adjustment to this 2006 file. In the event adjustments are necessary, please contact ETF. (See below for contact information.)

  15. If you administer WRS for more than one employer, you can submit the annual report for each WRS employer by clicking the ‘Switch Employer’ button. Clicking this button takes you to Annual Report Submission Employer Log In screen where you can put the new employer number. Repeat steps 1 through 11 above to submit annual report for another employer.

  16. For questions or information regarding this application, please contact Employer Communication Center (877) 533-5020 toll free or (608) 266-3285 locally