Issued by the State of Wisconsin
Employee Trust Funds Board

Transformation, Integration and Modernization (TIM)
Consulting Services for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)


The WRS is the 9th largest public retirement and benefits system in the United States. As of February 2012, the WRS had approximately 260,700 active members, 144,200 inactive members, 166,400 active annuitants and about 1,500 employers. The transition rate to annuitant status is anticipated to continue at the record pace that was set in 2010 and 2011. For more information, please refer to ETF’s website at:, and Section E of this RFP.

ETF is seeking to identify a vendor who solely, or through the use of clearly defined and managed subcontractors, can provide consulting services to assist ETF in the selection and implementation of a package retirement and benefits administration solution, as well as, serve in the role of strategic partner during the life of this engagement. The end result of the package solution is expected to be able to “offer a suite of tools that will empower our customers to become better educated about their benefits, have access to meaningful, up-to-date information about those benefits, and to be able to enroll in, change critical information about, and apply for those benefits without reliance on staff resources.” Mandatory Requirements and Deliverables are identified in Section C and Appendix B of this RFP.

Proposals are due May 25, 2012. Amendments, questions, and answers will be posted on and will not be mailed.

Contact us via email  with any questions regarding this RFP. The RFP number must be referenced in the subject line of the email.

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