Department of Employee Trust Funds
FDIC-Insured Investment Option
ETI0041 (previously ETC0014)

To Whom It May Concern:

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) on behalf of the Deferred Compensation Board for the purpose of soliciting proposals for a provider or providers for a Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program (WDC) FDIC-insured investment option.

The WDC is an unbundled, qualified deferred compensation program under Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code that is overseen by the Deferred Compensation Board. As of December 2012, approximately 52,000 participants held over $3 billion in assets in the WDC. As of December 31, 2012, 4,968 WDC participants held more than $97 million in the existing FDIC option. The WDC was created by the Wisconsin Laws of 1981, Ch. 187 and established in 1982 for state employees and has been available to local public employees since 1985. Wisconsin Statute Chapter 40, Subchapter VII, Chapter ETF 70 of Wisconsin Administrative Code and the Wisconsin Plan and Trust Document regulate the WDC and set forth the rules and responsibilities of all parties involved with the program.

The contract is proposed to be effective September 15, 2013 and will remain in effect until terminated by the Board or the selected vendor.

Proposals are due April 4, 2013. Amendments, questions and answers will be posted on and will not be mailed.

Contact Mark Blank via e-mail at with questions regarding this RFP. The RFP number must be referenced in the subject line of the e-mail.

Revision History


Johnson Bank Amendment #1


Johnson Bank Contract
10/29/13 Nationwide Bank Contract
6/13/13 Post Recommendation to Board
6/13/13 Post Scoring Sheet
6/13/13 Post Intent to Contract with Nationwide Bank
3/23/13 Questions and Answers Set 2
3/14/13 Questions and Answers Set 1
3/14/13 Posted link to existing FDIC deposit agreement in "Reference Materials" section
3/14/13 Posted revised Table 2: Calendar of Events with changes indicated in bold letters
2/13/13 Issue Request for Proposal


Request for Proposal

RFP Main Document

Reference Materials

Document Web Address
Wis. State Statutes Ch. 40, Subch. VII
Ch. ETF 70, WI Admin. Code
Employee Trust Funds Internet Site
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Internet Site
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Fact Sheet
WDC Agreement for the Deposit of Deferred Compensation Funds

Table 2: Calendar of Events
February 13, 2013 Issue RFP
February 27, 2013 Letter of intent and vendor questions due
March 6, 2013 Vendor Conference (if necessary)
March 14, 2013 Post answers to questions on ETF Extranet
April 4, 2013; 2:00 P.M. CDT RFP proposals due
June 6, 2013 Notify vendors of intent to award contract
June 12, 2013 Begin contract negotiations
September 15, 2013 Anticipated contract start date
November 1, 2013 Expected asset conversion date

*All dates are estimated with the exception of RFP proposal due date and time.