To Whom It May Concern:

The Department of Employee Trust Funds is requesting proposals for compliance audit services administered by third party administrators (TPA). Five separate procurements are being implemented. The five procurements (Request for Proposals or RFP) are as follows:

ETJ0001 Compliance Audit Services for Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) and Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTDI)
ETJ0002 Compliance Audit Services for Group Health Insurance
ETJ0003 Compliance Audit Services for Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)
ETJ0004 Compliance Audit Services for Employee Reimbursement Accounts (ERA) and Commuter Benefits Program
ETJ0005 Compliance Audit Services for Group Life Insurance Program

Qualified vendors are encouraged to submit competitive proposals on each of the above. One or more vendors may be awarded a contract. Prospective vendors may submit proposals for one, two, or all of the RFPs referenced above. However, for each RFP that a vendor chooses to bid on, the response must be complete and separate from other RFP responses. After considering the proposals and prior to awarding a contract, the Department reserves the right to negotiate with any or all vendors a discounted final cost based on the vendor(s) being awarded more than one contract.

Each of the five RFPs for compliance audit services is posted on the Employee Trust Funds web site at All modifications and other information associated with these RFPs will be posted on this web site. As such, interested vendors are encouraged to check this web site for updates frequently. No other notification regarding modifications will be provided.

The deadline for receipt of proposals for all five RFPs is October 8, 2009 at 3:00 PM CDT. Late submissions may not be considered. Questions may be emailed to Betty Wittmann, Manager, Optional Insurance Plans & Audits at The RFP number and title should be referenced in your email.


Process Updates
09/02/10 Post TRICAST Contract Amendment 2
06/17/10 Post TRICAST Contract Amendment 1
11/23/09 Issue Intent to Contract
11/23/09 Abstract.xls
09/16/09 Q & A Set 8
09/16/09 Q & A Set 7
09/14/09 Q & A Set 1
09/14/09 Q & A Set 4
09/14/09 RDS Actuarial Reports
08/25/09 Updated Link to RFP
Updated tabs on Cost Proposal
Completed listing of Resource Materials
08/24/09 Expect to issue RFP

ETJ0003 TRICAST/PillarRX Consulting LLC PBM Contract Amendment 6
ETJ0003 TRICAST PBM Contract Amendment 5
ETJ0003 TRICAST PBM Contract Amendment 4
ETJ0003 TRICAST PBM Contract Amendment 3
ETJ0003 TRICAST PBM Contract Amendment 2
ETJ0003 TRICAST PBM Contract Amendment 1

ETJ0001-5 RFP Document.doc

Section D Cost Proposal Spreed Sheet.xls

Reference Materials

DocumentWeb Address
WI State Statutes Ch. 40

RFP# ETJ0001 Income Continuation and Long-Term Disability Insurance
DocumentWeb Address
WI State Statutes Ch. 40, Subch. V
Ch. ETF 50, WI Admin. Code
ICI Plan Language
ICI - State 2008 Program Fact Sheet
ICI State Booklet
ICI - Local 2008 Program Fact Sheet
ICI Local Booklet
LTDI Program Booklet

RFP# ETJ0002 Group Health Insurance
The Standard Plans are available to employees and retirees (annuitants) of the State and Wisconsin Public Employers (WPE or Locals).
DocumentWeb Address
Group Health Insurance Fact Sheet 2007
Professional Administrative Services Only contract
Health Benefit Plan contract
Stop Loss contract (WPE)
Audit Summary Letter to Group Insurance Board
Audit Executive Summary Report
WPS' response to Executive Summary Report
Benefit booklets for members: Web Address
State Medicare Plus $1,000,000 -- State annuitants
Standard Plan - State Employees
State Maintenance Plan (SMP) -State Employees (See Section D)
WPE Standard Plan
WPE Deductible Standard Plan
WPE Standard PPP Plan
WPE Deductible Standard PPP Plan
WPE Deductible SMP Plan

RFP# ETJ0003 Pharmacy Benefits Manager
DocumentWeb Address
State of Wisconsin Pharmacy Benefit Program Information
Prescription Drug Benefit/PBM Program Specifics
Guidelines/Uniform Benefits (Section D)
Navitus Health Solutions web site
Navitus Member Handbook
PBM Contract
Retiree Drug Subsidy Program
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) - Medicare Section
2006 RDS Actuarial Report
2007 RDS Actuarial Report
2008 RDS Actuarial Report
PBM Fact Sheet

RFP# ETJ0004 Employee Reimbursement Account
DocumentWeb Address
WI State Statutes Ch. 40, Subch. VIII
2009 ERA Benefits Booklet
Commuter Benefits User Guide
ERA/Commuter Benefits Contract
ERA Fact Sheet
Audit Summary Letter to Group Insurance Board
Audit Summary Reports

RFP# ETJ0005 Group Life Insurance
DocumentWeb Address
WI State Statutes Ch. 40, Subch. VI
Wisconsin WPE Group Life Insurance Plan
Group Life Insurance Plan Monthly Rates
Group Life Insurance After You Terminate Employment
WPE Group Life Insurance Summary
Life Insurance Fact Sheet
WPE Life Insurance Policy #2832-G
WPE Life Insurance Administrative Agreement
2008 Financial Experience Report
Audit Summary Reports