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For the State of Wisconsin Group Insurance Board's
Wisconsin Public Employers Group Life Insurance Program

The documents below include .pdf files of the Table of Contents and the Request for Proposal and Appendices. To facilitate your proposal response, Word documents are provided for Section 4, Proposal Questionnaire and Section 6, Cost Proposal, as well as the Excel spreadsheets necessary for completion of Section 6, Cost Proposal.

Addendum -- RFP Questions, 3/25/03
Addendum -- RFP Corrections, 3/11/03
Table of Contents
RFP and Appendices
  • Title Page and Letter of Introduction
  • Section 1.0 General Information, Section 2.0 Preparing and Submitting a Proposal and Section 3.0 Proposal Selection and Award Process
  • Section 4.0 Proposal Questionnaire & Section 5.0 Terms and Conditions
  • Section 6.0 Cost Proposal - State Plan Employee Insurance
  • Section 6.0 Cost Proposal - Local Government Plan Employee Insurance
  • Section 6.0 Cost Proposal - Spouse and Dependent Insurance
  • Section 6.0 Cost Proposal Questions
  • Attachments
  • Appendix A and B
  • Appendix C and D
  • Appendix E and F
  • RFP Questionnaire (Section 4)
    Cost Proposal (Section 6)
    Cost Proposal (Section 6) Excel
    Appendix F - Additional Information
    Contact Jill Korsh,, with any questions regarding this RFP.