Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF)

The purpose of Request for Proposal (RFP) ETH0052-54 is to provide interested and qualified vendors with information to enable them to prepare and submit competitive proposals to administer the following programs: Internal Revenue Code Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, Health Savings Account (HSA), Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA), and Commuter Fringe Benefit Account. There are three separate RFPs:

The State of Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (Department) administers various benefit programs available to state and local public employees. The Department works with nearly 1,500 employer partners and serves 622,000 members. Detailed information about the programs listed above, which are available to state and university employees, is included in the RFP. Vendors may submit a proposal for one, two or all three of the programs listed above; however, submitting a proposal for more than one RFP is not a requirement.

The Department intends to use the results of the RFP solicitation to award one or more contracts for the administration of the programs listed above. The RFP documents and the awarded proposal(s) will be incorporated into the contract(s). The contract(s) will be administered and managed by the Department, with oversight by the State of Wisconsin Group Insurance Board (Board). The contract term for each program will commence on May 1, 2019 and extend through December 31, 2021. The Board retains the option, by mutual agreement of the Board and the contractor(s), to renew the contract(s) for two (2) additional two (2)-year renewal periods extending the contract through December 31, 2025, subject to the satisfactory negotiation of terms, including pricing.

The RFP documents are available at The RFP details the procedures proposers must follow to submit a proposal for the programs listed above, and the minimum requirements that proposers must meet to be eligible for consideration.

The deadline for receipt of proposals for this solicitation is Wednesday, August 29, 2018 by 2:00 p.m. CDT. Late submissions will not be considered. Questions may be submitted as indicated in the RFP via email to  

This solicitation is authorized under Chapter 40 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. All decisions and actions regarding this solicitation are solely under the authority of the Board. Procurement statutes and rules that govern other State of Wisconsin agencies may not be applicable.

Any news releases or release of broadcast e-mails pertaining to this solicitation, any resulting contract(s), or the acceptance, rejection, or evaluation, or review of vendor proposals shall not be made without the prior written approval of the Department.

NOTE: All modifications and other information associated with the RFP will be posted on ETF’s extranet: Interested vendors are encouraged to check this site for updates frequently. No other notification regarding modifications will be provided.

RFP# RFP Title
  • ETH0052 - Third Party Administration of Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • ETH0053 - Third Party Administration of Section 125 Cafeteria Plan and Employee Reimbursement Accounts (ERA)
  • ETH0054 - Third Party Administration of Commuter Fringe Benefit Accounts

Revision History

Date Item
July 22, 2021

RFP ETH0052 Contract Amendment #2 Signed

July 22, 2021 RFP ETH0053 Contract Amendment #2 Signed
July 22, 2021

RFP ETH0054 Contract Amendment #3 Signed

May 20, 2020 RFP ETH0054 Contract Amendment #2 Signed
October 7, 2019 RFP ETH0052-54 Contract Amendment #1 Signed
May 7, 2019 RFP ETH0052-54 Contract Signed
February 20, 2019 Notice of Intent to Award a Contract Released
August 15, 2018 RFP ETH0052-54 Addendum Number 1 Released
June 29, 2018 RFP ETH0052-54 Released

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