for the Department of Employee Trust Funds
for the Benefit Payment System Project, ETE0001

Revision History

07/16/08nVISIA contract Amendment 21 dated 06/11/2008 posted
05/01/08nVISIA contract Amendment 20 dated 02/08/2008 posted
12/23/04 Notice of Intent:
  The Department of Employee Trust Funds intends to contract with nVISIA, LLC for custom development of the Wisconsin Retirement System Benefit Payment System project. This is a notice of intent to contract and does not constitute a contractual commitment.
08/27/04 Vendor questions and answers #4 posted
08/26/04 Vendor questions and answers #3 posted (updated).
08/25/04 Change in RFP: Under 5.0 "Proposal Selection and Award Process"
Section 5.2 Criteria - Response to Implementation and Service - 3.9 changed to 6.9
08/24/04 Cost Proposal Worksheet added to Appendix C and under Additional Information
08/23/04 RFP Deadline date has been changed to: Thursday, September 9, 2004, 3:00 PM, CST
08/23/04 Additional Vendor questions and answers #2 posted.
08/10/04 Vendor questions and answers posted.
08/05/04 Additional Information: RFP formatting: Questions and Answers have been added to the end of this webpage. More will follow August 10, 2004.
08/05/04 Additional Information: Evaluation of the initial project "Final Report: Evaluation of the Benefit Payment System Project" has been added to the end of this webpage.
08/05/04 Cancellation of Vendor Conference (Section 1.7 & 1.10). A vendor conference will NOT be held. We are in the process of preparing answers to the questions we have received. Replies will be posted at ETF's website as they are completed. We expect to complete the process on Tuesday August 10th.
07/30/04  Date of acceptance of written inquiries extended to no later than Wednesday, August 4, 2004.  
07/30/04  Vendor Conference will be confirmed on August 5, 2004. The posting of questions and answers at ETF'S extranet website may preclude the need for a vendor conference.  


ETE0001 contract 21st nVISIA 06/11/2008 thru 02/08/2010.pdf
ETE0001 contract 20th nVISIA 02/08/2008 thru 02/08/2010.pdf

Table of Contents

1.0 RFP Information
2.0 BPS Project Scope
3.0 Preparing and Submitting the Proposal
4.0 Evaluation Information
5.0 Proposal Selection and Award Process
6.0 General Proposal Requirements
7.0 Performance Standards
8.0 Special Terms and Conditions
9.0 Terms and Conditions
Appendix A: Technical Proposal, Implementation, Warranty, Maintenance and Support (Updated)
Appendix B: Business System Requirements
  Phase 1
  Phase 2-7
  Attachment 1: Form Examples
  Attachment 2: Workflow Integration - Process Flow Diagrams
Appendix C: Cost Proposal
      Cost Proposal Worksheet
Appendix D: Vendor Information DOA-3477
Appendix E: Vendor Reference DOA-3478
Appendix F: Debarment Form
Appendix G: Lobbying form
Appendix H: Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information
Additional Information:
Vendor Questions and Answers #4
Vendor Questions and Answers #3 (updated)
Cost Proposal Worksheet
Vendor Questions and Answers #2
Vendor Questions and Answers
RFP Formatting: Questions and Answers
Final Report: Evaluation of the Benefit System Project
  Appendix A - Best Practices
  Appendix A - Post Mortem
  Appendix B - Revised Implementation Details
  Appendix C - ETF Vendor Demonstration Script
  Appendix C - RFI Responses
  Appendix C - RFI Question Summary
  Appendix C - Vendor Resource List
  Appendix D - Cost Model
  Appendix E - Data Conversion Strategy