Wisconsin Department Of Employee Trust Funds

Wisconsin Retirement System
Update Variable Excess/Deficiency Balance after Variable Cancellation

Once you have canceled Variable participation and your Variable funds have been transferred to the Core Fund, you will continue to have a "residual" excess or deficiency balance based on your past Variable participation. Annual interest is credited to this residual excess or deficiency balance at each year's Core effective rate until you retire. As a result, your Variable excess/deficiency amount will change each year until you begin a retirement benefit, at which time it will be used to increase or decrease your monthly formula benefit.
The calculator below will estimate how much your excess or deficiency could increase or decrease your monthly annuity.
1. Enter your Variable excess/deficiency amount:     Is this amount an Excess or a Deficiency?
Excess Deficiency
2. Enter a projected average annual Core interest rate. Note: Enter the rate to one decimal, such as 5.6%. %  
3. How many years will it be until you retire? (whole years only):      
4. Enter your projected age at retirement (whole years of age only):